E-Passport Application Form


Guidelines for Epassport

[ Kindly note that for submission of E-Passport applications , the applicants are requested to appear physically to submit their application. For any questions/clarifications, please call us @ +40742553809  from Monday to Friday between 9.30 to 16.30]


Please send email to mission.bucharest@mofa.gov.bd or call +40742553809  from 10.00 am- 4.00 pm (Monday to Friday) for appointment or to cancel/change the appointment.


Personal Appearance

Applicants, including children, may need to be present physically for bio-metric enrolment/submission of documents. Kindly check with the Embassy.

  • Requirements for a new Electronic Passport (ePP) [MRP to ePP]

Any Bangladesh citizen who has valid Machine Readable Passport (MRP)/digital birth certificate/NID can apply Bangladesh Embassy in Copenhagen for new ePP (electronic Passport). Please note that the applicant must be present in-person to the Embassy during enrollment. The following things are required:

  1. Filled-in online application form (with bar code) printed copy (https://www.epassport.gov.bd)
  2. 01 (one) set photocopy of existing valid Bangladesh Passport (1-2 page for MRP) and original valid Bangladesh Passport
  3. Photocopy of applicant’s National ID Card or Digital Birth Certificate (English) (including 17 digit number with a copy of online verification)
  4. Photocopy of applicant’s residence permit (applicable for Denmark, Iceland and Estonia)
  5. Copy of valid Student ID card (If anyone wants student discount; only for students with valid student ID card) and original student ID card.
  6. If the applicant is under 06 years (One copy Picture 3R Size)
  7. Other relevant documents (such as, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, notary public etc.)
  8. Proof of payment for ePP to Embassy Bank Account.

Bank details:

Name of the Account: Embassy of Bangladesh
IBAN: RO20BRDE445SV80333214450, (EURO)
IBAN: RO24BRDE445SV80333134450 (RON)
Swift Code: BRDEROBU
Bank Name:  BRD Bank


No. of pages

Duration (Years)

Payment (in DKK)



Euro 105/ RON 525 (Regular)
Euro 155/ RON 755 (Express)

48 10 Euro 130/ RON 650 (Regular)
Euro 180/ RON 900 (Express)
64 05 Euro 155/ RON 780 (Regular)
Euro 210/ RON 1050 (Express)



Euro 180/ RON 900 (Regular)
Euro 235/ RON 1175(Express)

Important Note:

Please make an appointment (by phone)to give biometric data (finger print, digital photo, digital signature etc) at the Embassy to complete your ePP process. Please come to Embassy with all documents (serial number: 1-8 as stated above) in your hand according to your appointment schedule.

Bangladesh Embassy in Bucharest only process Electronic Passport (ePP) applications but the printed ePP comes from (Department of Immigration and Passport, DIP) Dhaka. So, it requires usually 8-10 weeks (sometimes more than that) to get ePP after successful bio-enrolment (digital photo, thumb print, signature etc.) at the Embassy.

Kindly note that Hand Written Application Form for ePP is not acceptable. 

Application Form: Download